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A Unique Turkish Cuisine Experience With a Touch of Mediterranean Flavour!

Sometimes it’s just those little moments in life that really matters…

If “keyif” is a central part of Turkish national culture it is also, in practice, a very personal thing.

It is the exact moment of relaxation while you’re watching the cats on the street with Turkish tea and boyoz by your side on a serene Izmir morning…

It’s about living the moment while having a stroll on the coast of the Bosphorus and thinking about nothing…

It’s the feeling you get when you’re out on a night with your friends for a glass of raki or two just to accompany your chatter…

Moving from a unique cultural movement such as this, we’ve established

Keyif Restaurant

Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine

June 2018

With its founder originally being from a Mediterranean gastronomical wonder of Turkey of Hatay, our restaurant has ‘keyif’ its genes!

Drop by 21 Glebe Street at Penarth sometime if you’re looking for some lovely authentic treats from Turkish Mediterranean cuisine with some nice musica cozy environment and most importantly

Enjoy Every Moment to the Fullest!

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