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7 Dishes at Keyif Restaurant to Help You Cope with Winter Blues

Let's admit it; January is tough! After all the fun we had during Christmas, the rest of the winter looms as long days of gloomy weather, topped with all the anxiety that going back to work brings are after having a long, nice holiday with the family.

But no reason to give way to despair - there are remedies that will help you cope with all the drama that "Janruary" brings and our choice of excellent comfort goodies we have at Keyif is one of them for sure!

Thus, here we have listed our top selection of Winter food to help you get the best out of these dark times!

Our Soup Selection

What's better than starting off with a piping hot, nutritious soup? At Keyif, our lentil soup selection will get you in the mood for a nice little comfort food feast of your own with daily baked bread slices for you to take delightful dunks at your starter. If you still haven't tried, we highly recommend this little treat as a start to your meal.

Muska Böreği

Muska Böreği is probably "one of the best wins" you'll achieve when eating at Keyif, a complete no-brainer! How could filo pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley deep-fried taste bad? One of the obvious ones you should definitely be seizing the opportunity of!

Hot Meze Mixes

We can hear you saying "why not!" to this one! Especially for those who are sharing their blues with their friends and/or family members, this is an easy choice. It's not easy to please everyone at the table until our meze mixes join the chat! With options for two or three people, our hot meze mix platters will let you taste everything from grilled halloumi to Turkish spicy beef sausage 'sucuk'.

Chicken Casserole

If you are one of those types who can't do without juiciness in their food come this way, please! Our chicken casserole is prepared with diced chicken breast, cooked with a rich mix of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and white wine, served with rice. Nutritious, but certainly very comforting!

Sarma Lamb Beyti

Come on now - we are talking about a remedy for your winter depression. So next time, don't just go with the skewers, have it wrapped into a tortilla bread with some yogurt on the side with our unbelievably rich Mesopotamian sauce! Save the grill for brighter days i.e Summer!

İmam Bayıldı

For those who like their comfort dish a-la-vegetarian. This classic Ottoman dish of stuffed roasted aubergine consists of plenty of other vegetables, cooked with olive oil and served with yogurt and rice. Best of both worlds when it comes to being nutritious and comforting at the same time!


Because it's the grand finale! You should go big and wrap it up in style with a warm künefe with cheese that stretches all the way from the plate to your mouth.

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